The first day at work

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The first day at work

The day was Thursday. Today was the starting of my new job, I had currently take the position as the counter-boy at an eletronics store. Now to be honest I am the kind of guy who spends his time lavishing in the fruits of technology, never would I have guessed that my first customer would be the most attractive girl I had laid eyes upon.

It was 9 in the morning, the doors had barely opened and I took a casual approach to the counter. My boss had specifically told me to keep close eye on the equipment as lately there had been shoplifters, anyway I had only just logged into the staff computer when I could hear the sounds of chatter outside the shop window. The voices were female and by the sounds of it there were three. At first I took no serious attention but then I heard my name being called and I looked up from the desk to the sight of a /gorgeous/">gorgeous /brunette/">brunette woman, she stared at me as if she was about ready to eat me alive and I couldnt help but stare down at her brilliant breasts. I think her friends caught my glance as they giggled loudly. Meanwhile the brunette woman rushed inside and ran towards the counter still staring at me. I felt like a dick standing there, she was beautiful, perfect curves and tight lips, she was wearing red lipstick and had soft looking skin. Normally I would notice girls from a distance and have them ignore me but this time my mind ran away with the time that she had been standing there and I found myself becomming lost in her bra which showed from the folds of her tight t-shirt. She giggled cutely and I realized what I was doing. I could feel my face already burn and I struggled out a greeting in an awkward tone.

"Its me, Lilly!" she exclaimed excitedly. "From high-school!"

I thought back to the days of my high-school memories. Plenty of bullying and then the memory of her invaded the space. She was always beautiful even back then, I had fantasized about her during my days as a high-school nerd. She had blonde hair back then and still a perfect body, /tits/big-tits/">big tits and an ass unlike any other.

Suddenly remembering I was in an electronics store with this beautiful woman I snapped back to /reality/">reality. She still had her eyes locked with mine and I still felt like a complete idiot. Her smile dragged me in, but she seemed interested in something she had a swagger about her which showcased her tits. I noticed her mini skirt which also showcased her tight, /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. I could feel myself getting an /erection/">erection which only added to the redness in my face. She giggled a little more and leaned forwards over the desk, slightly allowing me to stare down her bra and into the depths of her soft looking breasts as she whispered in my ear: "See anything you like?"

Her breath was hot and it ran upon my neck when I felt something pull the lobes of my ear, she was sucking my it and I could feel my erection become harder and harder. I wanted to feel her but she stopped and stared back at me again. She could tell I was hard sexxxx video ful hd and she winked before leaving making sure to sway her ass as she went before dissapearing down the street with her possy soon following. I was about to return to dissapointment when I noticed a small piece of paper laying on the desk. I quickly grabbed at it and read very quickly making out the words "My place, Bring your hardon. xo"

For that entire day I went about fantasizing over Lilly, what was going to happen? Whatever it was I was ready for it. That first day of work seemed to take weeks until finally I was free and heading towards the address on the note. The house I was placed at seemed much bigger than it really was, I knocked and Lilly answered wearing the small skirt from earlier but without the t-shirt and only her bra. Her tits were enormous, and she caught me staring at them responding by giggling cutely again and xxx sex video download free com taking my hand. She led me upstairs into a room with a large double bed. She pushed me down onto it before removing her bra showing all of her amazing tits. She leaned in closer and allowed me to grab at them while she unzipped my jeans. Her skin was warm against my palms and I found her nipples erect, she moaned softly as I twisted them gently. I could feel myself becoming harder by the second as my jeans reached the foor.

She removed my /underwear/">underwear and took off my top, her hair was swaying around as she smiled in a very sexy way before leaning down and wrapping her lips over my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. Instantly I could feel her wet tongue twisting over my head, I couldnt help but groan under immense pleasure, I had never been given head like this in what seemed to be forever. I could feel her throat relax and she pressed herself further on my dick until I was balls deep in her mouth. I was going to cum, she could tell and she began to run my dick backwards and forwards inside her mouth until I couldn?t hold it in anymore, I tensed and unloaded what I had stored inside. A noise bubbled and she swallowed before giggling again at me.

?Did you enjoy that?? she asked softly, I nodded in excitement. I watched as she pulled down her panties and began rubbing herself. She was whimpering softly and I could feel myself becoming hard again. I leaned forwards, sexual desire had taken over and I kissed her before pushing her gently onto the bed. She was moaning now and her breath rushed onto my neck. She whispered into my ear, ?I want your cock inside me.?

I got on top of her and pressed my dick to her soaking /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, slowly, I entered her and she moaned as I gained slow deep entry. Oh my god, It felt amazing, like a cushion for my dick, I couldn?t help but pant heavily, I could slide easily in and out and with each new thrust her pussy would tighten and loosen, she started to groan loudly and suddenly I could feel her body clench. She was swarming over the sheets and her eyes were shut. I knew she was cumming and I went for her neck, stroking it with my tongue. She began to become louder and louder and her hips tightened against my dick. I pressed myself harder into her and tried myself not to cum, she looked up at me and smiled awkwardly, I didn?t stop thrusting and her pussy soaked wetter and wetter squishing.

I was going to cum too and I couldn?t hold myself in any longer. ?Cum? In me, cum with me..? She said before moving in rhythm with my thrusts. Suddenly I couldn?t hold myself in anymore. I unloaded whatever I had left in my balls and she yelled out to me, cumming directly afterwards, her pussy became drenched in both her own and my own cum. I pulled out and lay on top of her, kissing her.

?I had a crush on you back at high-school.? She whispered. She smiled again and giggled cutely.