Night away in London

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Night away in London

I was at the time working as a Director of a large company leading a regional team. As happened a few times each year the company was invited to a dinner in London and I was asked to attend on behalf of the CEO. I was booked into a hotel about half a mile from the dinner venue so dressed in my dinner suit I arrived at the required time and was greet by a team hosting the event.

Having provided me with a glass of wine I was introduced to a lady called Wendy who told me she headed a division that was responsible for my companies business and after some small talk we went into the dinner with about three hundred others and I was seated next Wendy on a table of ten others. I noticed she was about forty similar to me alain lyle porn and had a good fit figure with nice shaped tits and friendly face. During the conversation I found out she was married had children very young and had been back working in the business about six years.

As the evening went on we both had quite a few wines and her conversation being even more relaxed to the point that I realized she saw very little of her husband as he was away for long periods with the merchant navy. She even confessed to having the occasional flirtation with other /irish/irish-men/">irish men. As the evening drew to a close she asked me was I staying in London and said yes at the Hotel Copthorne Tara just along the road. She gave a big smile and said she was at same Hotel could we walk back together.

After another drink everyone said there farewells and we collected our coats and went out into night we both drew breath as the cold night air hit our faces and she took my arm almost to steady her balance, it took just five minutes to reach our hotel and I sensed she was not wanting to say good night but asked me what floor I was on and I said third she smiled again and said well we can go in same lift as I am also the third floor. There was another couple in the lift who could not keep there hands of one another. we stepped out of lift and she whispered in my ear I think we know what she was wanting. I laughed and said I was thinking the same. She then said would I like another drink in her room by now I was thinking she might be going to suggest something and said yes her room was in fact five doors from mine and in I went.

She poured me a Brandy from her drinks fridge and having removed our coats she sat on the small sofa next to me so tight our bodies being in close contact. She put her hand on my thigh and said thank you for being with her I was the sort of man she hoped to get at the dinner. She then drew close and kissed my cheek before asking me would I be able to help out a horny /hairy/hairy-milf/">hairy milf.

I blushed and before I could answer she stood up and said it is only far you see what is on offer, she then let her evening dress drop to floor revealing a perfectly toned slightly tanned body with a very firm pair of tits not supported by a BRA and a tiny /thong/milf-thong/">milf thong that covered nothing much. Her juices had started to seep down her thigh and she pushed her finger into her clit and said yes I am ready for sex.

She then said I could leave if I wished but if not then I should reveal all. I stood slipped out of my suit and finally released a very hard nine inch thick dick. She once again smiled and said perfect just what I need. She laid on bed as I bent down to use my tongue on her clit it took less than five minutes for her to start to tremble as her body was taken with her cum squirting out onto the sheets. I then liked her up before slowly sliding my dick into her love tunnel very slowly building up my strokes. She said for god sake fill me with your cum I indian santali xvideo have not had a shag for weeks. I increased my stroke rate until she was right on the edge and could hold of no longer shooting my cum deep inside her. she smiled again saying it was wonderful did I have another dose fore her arse to which I turned her over working lub onto my re erected cock and starting the strokes again.

We finally went to sleep I awoke next morning to find her sat naked on the stool she said come on I am now sober and I want one last fuck that I can fully remember so I waved her toward me and she climbed over my Dick lowering onto the shaft before moving herself faster all the time until we both exploded again. We showered together before I scuttled back to my room ready to leave.

Wendy will always remain in my mind because she was more turned on than any woman I had fucked before and just needed to find someone to help her /climax/">climax to order.